Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another pork chop dinner, shared with the world

Internationally known and award winning Fancy Schmancy of Hartford County would like to share a simple pork chop dinner with you. Unlike Some People, Fancy would like to tell you how you can also make this culinary masterpiece at your own house.

Buy some pork chops. Also, buy some generic shake and bake for pork. Follow the directions on the box. Don't let those big bloggers, like Dr. Zibbs intimidate you. You can also make pork chops, I promise!

Buy your side dish of choice. Cook it while the pork chops are cooking. There, that's it! See how easy that was?

Interviewer: Fancy Schmancy, how did you learn to cook like this? Through trial and error.

Interviewer: Fancy, do you have anything to say about this particular dinner? Why yes, thank you for asking. I never would have cooked pork chops again if it wasn't for my friend, Zibbs.

That being said, I happen to think that I have done pork chops much better than he could ever hope to. I paired pork chops with latkes, and latkes can be paired with applesauce AND sour cream! And I think the money shot is with the sour cream.

Interviewer: Fancy, your photos do not show any vegetables, how do you feel about veggies? Well, while I love veggies, I have to honestly admit that some vegetables are more gay than others. Especially green beans.


Dr Zibbs said...

That looks tasty. Except using "money shot" and sour cream in the same sentence grosses me out. Please edit it and repost.

Scope said...


Makes me drool a little.

Oh, the food looks good, too, I'm talking about the Bicentenial Beater in the pictures down there --V

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Nice work Fance, and thanks for the recipe.

JoJo said...

That looks sooooo good. May I say, "Pork Chopsh and apple shauce. Ishn't dat shwell!" (said like Peter Brady imitating Bogey).