Thursday, April 30, 2009

The boys

My mother has an antique shop in a nice neighborhood in a town near where she lives. The street that it is on is a little community of quirky shops and artisans. You can get anything from your nails and hair done, to original art - with ice cream, tapas and wine, good quality souvenirs, hand made jewelry, or a tarot card reading thrown in. Through this community my mother met the men she calls "the boys".

The boys consist of three men, probably in their late 50s or early 60s, that live together - Wade, Bobby and Gill. Wade and Bobby are a couple. Unfortunately, Gill lost his partner and I think he is single. I'm not sure how they ended up living together, or how they own 2 pieces of property, but they rent the house they don't live in to my mother. That is where she currently lives.

When I first heard about this, it blew my mind. My mother has gay men for friends? And Gill is a psychic that she lets read tarot cards for her? And she actually believes in it? Who are you and what did you do with my closed minded, judgemental, kinda prejudiced mother? And she laughs when she tells me how vulgar Gill is, she won't repeat anything he has said, but she thinks he's funny.

But more than that, these guys take care of her as best they can. Anything that she needs, if they are able to help in any way, they will, and they do. They are good guys.

On our last night in Florida, my mother had the boys over for dinner, a belated birthday dinner for Bobby. They were extremely nice, but Gill stole the show. My mother had asked him in advance to try to hold back because of my son. I told him to let loose, I knew my son would enjoy it as much as I would, and I was right. This guy is funny. The kind of funny that he doesn't care if anyone is laughing along with him. He lets out this infectious guffaw from deep in the back of his throat that you can't help but laugh along, "Hunh-HAAAA!".

The highlights of the evening:

Apparently the street the shops are on was going to be closed down for a Red Hat Society Parade. In order to march in the parade, you had to have a group of ladies in purple wearing the red hats, and each group had to elect a leader, The Queen. Gill's quip, "at least I won't be the only queen on the street that day, Hunh-HAAAA!".

During dinner, something on the table made a mess and my mother cautioned to watch out for it when picking it up, the bottom might be sticky. Gills quip, "Oh, I've had a sticky bottom many times. Hunh-HAAAA!".

After dinner, my mother put some candles in a cake and we sang Happy Birthday to Bobby. As soon as the singing was over, while the candles were still lit, Gill says, "Okay, Bobby, now do what we do best! Hunh-HAAAA!".

I love this guy.

Obama's Facebook - hysterical!

I found this through Cajun Boy.

100 days of Obama's Facebook news feed.

News organizations have done an admirable job of recapping the first 100 days of the Obama administration. But rarely do we stumble across a primary source like Barack Obama's own Facebook feed. Scroll down for the full story.

Barack Obama joined the Washington, D.C. network.
Barack Obama is taking the oath of office.
Barack Obama is taking the oath of office.
Barack Obama deleted the group I'm a Lobbyist AND I Work at the White House!
Barack Obama deleted the group Guantanamo Bay Detainees 4EVA.
Reggie Love wrote on Beyonce Knowles' Wall.
Not ready to put a ring on it, but I do like it.
Joe Biden posted a note: 25 Random Things About Me.
Chris Dodd
#7 and #16 - Me too!
Michael Steele created the group R to the N to the C.
Rahm Emanuel updated his Education and Work info to Undersecretary of Go Fuck Yourself.
Hillary Clinton, Tom Daschle, Robert Gates and others joined the group Cabinet.
Hillary Clinton is adjusting :).
Reggie Love joined the group White House Hotties.
Tom Vilsack
Welcome to the club!
Steven Chu
One of us, one of us, lol
Senate Finance Committee invited Tim Geithner to the event Confirmation Hearing.
Tim Geithner joined the group Cabinet.
Senate Finance Committee invited Tom Daschle to the event Confirmation Hearing.
Tom Daschle left the group Cabinet.
Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, Charlie Gibson, Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, George F. Will, David Brooks, and Charles Krauthammer added the Twitter application.
Joe Biden completed the quiz Which sexy man are you? with the result "Joe Biden."
5 million people updated their Education and Work info to Unemployed.
Barack Obama became a fan of Stimulus.
Barack Obama invited the group Senate Republicans to the event Bi-Party!-sanship.
Mitch McConnell
Sorry ... Lost.
58 people are fans of Stimulus.
Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and Arlen Specter changed their political views to Moderate.
61 people are fans of Stimulus.
Paul Krugman is having an aneurysm.
Bobby Jindal, Mark Sanford, Sarah Palin and Rick Perry created the group We Don't Need Your Stinkin' Money.
Bobby Jindal, Mark Sanford, Sarah Palin and Rick Perry joined the Des Moines network.
Michael Steele is When I say death, you say tax. Death! Death!
Grover Norquist
Grover Norquist
Barack Obama added Canada to the Places I've Been application.
Hillary Clinton added Egypt, Israel, Switzerland, the Palestinian Territories, Belgium, China, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, and 37 others to the Places I've Been application.
Joe Biden created the group "I Love ‘I Love You, Man,' Man.".
Barack Obama posted a note to the group America.
We are not quitters.
Bobby Jindal
Why hello! Didn't see ya there. So what's the deal with volcano spending??
Say, wanna ride in my ice cream truck?
27,198, 235 people left the group Jindal 2012.
Barack Obama is no longer a fan of Iraq.
Barack Obama is a fan of Afghanistan.
Gordon Brown invited Barack Obama to the event Long-Ass Press Conference.
Barack Obama
Sorry ... Lost.
Barack Obama is a fan of Stem Cell Research.
Dick Cheney wrote on Barack Obama's Wall.
Barack Obama is OUTRAGED about AIG bonuses.
Robert Gibbs
He really is.
Barack Obama posted a video: Me on Leno!.
Hillary Clinton posted a video: Me on Leno in 1997.
Barack Obama sent a friend request to Iran.
Dick Cheney created the group Barack Obama: Enemy Combatant.
Barack Obama sent the Queen of England an iPod.
Barack Obama sent Somali Pirates a Trio of Snipers.
John Boehner posted an article: GOP Alternative Budget.
10 million people left the group Likely Republican Voters.
Paul Ryan posted an article: Alternative GOP Alternative Budget.
10 million people left the group Likely Republican Voters.
Joe Biden completed the quiz Are you on a boat? with the result "You're on a boat."
Barack Obama added Turkey to the Places I've Been application.
Barack Obama deleted "Armenian genocide, 1915-18" from Interests.
Sasha Obama and Malia Obama added the Dogbook application.
Neil Cavuto sent Barack Obama a tea bag.
Rachel Maddow
Neil Cavuto
Rachel Maddow
Rick Perry left the network United States.
Barack Obama posted an article: Torture Memos.
Dick Cheney and David Boies are now friends.
Barack Obama deleted "prosecuting torturers" from Interests.
Barack Obama added "prosecuting torturers" to Interests.
Hugo Chavez sent Barack Obama a book.
Dick Cheney invited George W. Bush to the group Barack Obama IS ACTUALLY HUGO CHAVEZ.
George W. Bush
Sorry ... Lost.
Arlen Specter joined the group Democrats.