Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Florida, here I come

I'm packed and ready to go, but freaking out at the same time. I am a first-class worrier, glass half empty kind of person, anxiety rules under most circumstances. Will I have enough time to get everything ready, will I have enough time to get there, will my bags get searched, did I pack enough stuff, did I pack the right stuff, what if the plane goes down and Capt. Sullivan isn't there to land us safely in the Hudson, what if, what if, what if? Once I get there, I will be fine, I will enjoy myself. It's the getting there that I have a hard time with.

But I am totally looking forward to the white sandy beaches, turquoise Gulf of Mexico waters, dolphins, shark's teeth (not sharks so much), alligators (from a distance), the beautiful scenery and birds. I cleared my camera, so I have 1000 pictures available on my memory card, and I plan to use every single one of them. And I plan to bore you with almost every single one of them when I get back, so you have that to look forward to.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the pictures of the (fucking finally) blooming daffodils that I took at my sister's on Easter. My yard better be a riot of Springtime when I get back! Which should be sometime next Thursday. Please enjoy this video of The Chipmunks doing Flo-Rida's song Low until then.

(p.s. Congrats to UCONN Huskies Women's Basketball Coach Geno Auriemma for getting named Coach of the USA Basketball Women's National Team. Should all fall into place, Auriemma will lead them to the win at the Olympics in London 2012!)


Gwen said...

Oh, Fance! I hope you have the best trip ever!

(Pssssst. Hey, guys . . . let's go stick plastic flowers in her beds while she's gone!)

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Oh heyyy! What part of Florida?? I'm going to Naples on Monday.

I'm glad you're going on a trip! It will be a nice break for you, and after it all, you deserve it.

Cora said...

Ahh, nothing like The Chipmunks first thing in the morning, huh?


Have a ton of fun, Fancy!!

(Hey, Gwen - I would love (LOVE) to go plastic flower pranking with ya this weekend, but can't. Sorry. I'm gonna be getting busy with Scope-- No, wait! I mean, I'll be busy with Scope. Yeah. Yeah, that's it.)

Whiskeymarie said...

(gwen- I'll meet you there- I'll bring the canteen of Jack & Cokes so we don't get thirsty...)

Have a great/awesome/fun/relaxing/fab time, Fancy!

mike said...

yeah, have fun... Your flowers look pretty but the Chipmunks kinda ruined it for me. And Geno Auriemma is vastly underrated... I think you are right about the 2012 Olypmpics. Pat Summit was never asked to coach the team... that should tell you something about what an honor it really is for him. Oh yeah, and still have fun in Flo Rida, chipmunks or not.

~E said...

HAVE FUN! Bring back lots of pictures and send me a postcard when you're there.

Aunt Becky said...

Bring me back some of that sunshine, mmkay?

JoJo said...

Have an ab fab time!!!!