Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wooten's Airboat tour

Have I mentioned that I went to Florida on vacation? Are you sick of me, yet? How about now? Sorry, I had to get that out of the way.

I've been dying to get to probably the most exciting part of the trip, for me - the airboat ride at Wooten's. (Probably not for the boy, I got one whole picture of him smiling the entire time, and I had to take it while he wasn't paying attention.)

If you ever get the chance to take an airboat ride, take it immediately! If I ever get the chance to drive an airboat, I'm there without a second thought. These things are amazing! There was barely any water out there, but this thing could do donuts in a mud puddle - at 60 miles per hour.

We saw some beautiful Mangrove trees and air plants, and a few birds. Like I said earlier, because the water levels were so low, there weren't a lot of critters to be seen. I'm happy to say I didn't see a single snake the whole time I was there.

I'm going to put some pictures of the flora up first, then a couple of short videos of the boat ride. I love the second video where Captain Billy talks in his thick southern accent about the poor birdies, then tries to run them over.

Here is Captain Billy:


Cora said...

Damn, that boat goes fast! I was holding onto my chair for dear life!

Yeah, I'm a drama queen. I know. I know.


~E said...

You're braver than me. I would have been scared to death.


Of dropping my camera in the water!

JoJo said...

Wicked cool!!!!!! Looks like you had a blast!