Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If I have to be a loser...

This was a pretty good group of losers to be with.

Dr. Zibbs over at That Blue Yak held a contest to see if someone could come up with a new header for his famous, award winning blog. I was bored on a Saturday evening so I amused myself by toying with my crappy photo software with some pictures I borrowed from the interwebs. Except the first one, that's part of a photo of what I did for another of his contests last year. Can you tell I submitted it on October 31st?

Surprisingly, none of my elaborate designs won. I wasn't going to bother showing them, but Zibbsy was kind enough to list me among the other entrants and link to my blog. He even called me his dear, dear Fancy friend. Awwww....

I don't know if anyone came over here looking for the headers today, and found only misery and the soul-numbing, life-sucking Dear Jon Stories, but here is where I try to make up for that! Please be sure to clicky on the linky above to not only visit his site and see his new header, but also for the links to the other losers, er, I mean runners-up.


jadedj said...

I WAS over here this morning and thought, wow, this person is cool...just totally ignoring the fact that she lost. No nail-biting. No temper tantrums...just, icy cooooooooooooooooool.

I particularly like the candy bars...things that would give one Zibbs. My dentist told me to give up Zibbs, or face the consequences.

Vic said...

My favorite is the "keeping down the serfs" one! I laughed out loud.

Dr Zibbs said...

This is soooooo 10:00 this morning.

Just kidding.

I love the 3rd one donw the best.

Even though the font is very racist. I'm surprised youd didn't write, "Ching Chong Chang" next to it.

Dr Zibbs said...

...I'm kidding. I have a friend that looks Chinese so it's OK that I say that.

Dr Zibbs said...

..and one more thing. "Keeping down the Serfs".

You are one of the original TBY fans. Or as I've called you guys, "Gold members"

Fancy Schmancy said...

Zibbs, am I supposed to be politically correct all of the sudden?!?!!

I love the Chinese culture, Ching Chang Chong.

Is it my fault that the ice cream truck in my neighborhood has been playing this song for days, "Chinese people never swear, Asshole, asshole..."

Cora said...

The other white meat! Ha ha! That cracked me up! LOL! :-)

Dominica said...

OMG !! You've put some hard work in it !! I do love the chocolat-bars one !! haha
Didn't Dr Zibbs 'melt' for your hard work on this one ??

And it's fun to hear you have a Tourettes syndrome ice-cream truck down your hood !!
I would definitely want to see pics of that truck riding by and all these people who buy an ice cream from him !!
Maybe film it, that's even better ; then we can hear the sound of the truck !!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

AND you lost????

no justice in this world, Fance.