Friday, October 17, 2008

Speaking of putting my foot in my mouth

I went out Wednesday evening and got 2 cards for boss's day, one for my supervisor and one for the prez. There were only 2 funny boss's day cards at the cheapie place I went, and I couldn't decide which card to give to which guy. I just turned them over, wrote a name on each envelope and sent them around in folders to be signed.

(I also went to get the supervisor gift cards at Hooters that we all chipped in on. He loves their wings. Riiiiiight. How funny would it have been if when I walked in I asked for a job application instead of gift cards? I'm sorry, m'am, they don't make orange hot pants in that size.)

Thursday morning, my best work buddy, Jane, wasn't in her office. Our supervisor said she wouldn't be in, so when the cards came back to me I signed for her. She had contributed to the supervisor's gift card and I wanted to make sure he knew that. His card read something about how we couldn't decide what to get him for boss's day, so we all decided what he would like best is if we took the rest of the week off. I wrote, "Jane would sign if she was here!".

Two hours later the prez sent out an email saying Jane had been placed on administrative leave until further notice.

I'll just be sitting on the floor in the corner with both feet in my mouth for the rest of the day.

p.s. Is this irony or just coincidence? I can never remember. Damn Alanis Morissette!


JoJo said...

Well it really wasn't your fault. I mean, you had no idea and were just trying to be nice and include her. BTW, why was she placed on Admin leave? Is she in trouble?

As to "Boss Day", EVERY DAY is Boss Day. We show up, we slave away, in my case we put up w/ a ton of abuse from clients and other attorneys. lol

Fancy Schmancy said...

jojo, it was actually kind of funny in retrospect. They're not telling us anything, and she won't return my emails or phone calls. She's our HR/Payroll person and Corporate sent over financial auditors, so hopefully it was just a mistake and she'll be back next week. But it must have been a pretty huge mistake for them to place her on leave while they investigated.

Imez said...

What does Administrative Leave mean? Is it shameful? Is it fired? What'd she do?

JoJo said...

Uh oh....wonder if she had her hands in the company till?????

Fancy Schmancy said...

They announced this morning that she was no longer with the company. No explanations, but a little birdy in the know whispered in my ear that it was no accident or innocent mistake and the decision was made by Corporate, not the prez.

Anonymous said...