Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Long distance Tarot reading, part 1

I recently wrote about my mom's friend who is a psychic that I met when I was in Florida. He agreed to do a tarot card reading for me and email it. I got it yesterday, and it floored me. It's extremely personal and intense, and I'm still trying to make sense of it. Since I'm all about using this blog as free therapy, I'm going to share some of it on here. The more I think about this guy's words and the way that he read the cards for me, the more scared I've been getting. But he's extremely reassuring and I feel like maybe this is going to be a big step for me to get rid of some baggage.

Your reading begins with the dealing with what we call disappointments on an emotional level. I say what we call because these are actually simple appointments that have not been kept for whatever reason. Just as we forget an item at the grocery store or an appointment with a doctor, so are these emotional disappointments. It is our own being that places such an emphasis on these when in actuality they are things that the person, place or thing simply did not do or keep. Perhaps they are not able to be who we want or need but it is definitely no reflection on you or any judgment with you. Allow it to belong to the other person, place or thing and continue growing and progressing within and of yourself. Other’s behaviors belong to them. This is followed with the creative card on the mental plane and is very appropriate to follow the emotional disappointment card. Creatively use your mind to concentrate on the positive aspects of yourself when disappointments come knocking at the door. Yes, you need to open the door and see what/who is there but you do not have to invite anything into your being. You can simply acknowledge what was there and move on. If it is someone or something you need to allow in remember not to have it move in for any period of time. It does not belong to you but has simply shown up for your information so you can proceed onward and upward without it.

He pegged me right in the first paragraph. I have a tendency to be oversensitive to what I consider slights. Then I have a tendency to overreact. Then I feel badly for overreacting, and wonder if I should have behaved better. Then I start to question myself for even feeling badly in the first place. NO! I have a right to my feelings. That person should have behaved better! Then I just hope it all goes away, all the while stewing on what happened. And then I file it in my victim folder and shove it down deep until the next time something happens. The problem is, the victim folder needs to be purged for it is overloaded and I'm too tired emotionally for any drama in my life. I don't yet know how to do this, but I would like to learn. I would love to believe it is as simple as what he is telling me, but I have not figured it out, yet.

Any suggestions?


Jodi said...

I hope that wasn't a retorical question.

I think a good starting point would be to try to figure out the answers to two of Dr. Phil's questions.

First, "How's that workin' for ya?"

and second, "What's your payoff for being a victim?"

In all sincerity, I hope this will at least be a start for you. I'm an eternal optimist and a "fixer". I hate to see anyone with a truly unhappy life. Somehow, however, I have managed to raise a son that is the world's biggest cynic. Go frickin' figure...

Cora said...


I've never had a reading before but I did meet a guy at a work Christmas party years ago who grabbed my hand and read my palm. I thought it was a bizarre way to hit on me (especially in front of his girlfriend!) but then what he said was so spot on that I was just speechless! He ended up going around the room reading everyone's palms and most peoples jaws hit the floor because what he said was so accurate. Amazing.

~E said...

I had a tarot reading once in college and i was so scared and disturbed by it that I ignored it and promptly forgot it ever happened.

I see a therapist now, which may or may not be better.