Saturday, May 9, 2009

Class rings already?

My son is in his freshman year at high school. Catholic high school. As some of you may know, I've been extremely lucky along the way of what I have considered to be his best educational opportunities in the town we live in.

But the school just asks too much, sometimes. It's almost like they forget there are people like me struggling tooth and nail to make ends meet. Even though they have been helping me with financial aid for tuition and books, I feel like they are hitting me constantly with fees for almost required activities, whether my son wants to participate or not. The latest example is school rings for the freshmen.

I have to admit that I came from a background where you got a few new outfits for the school year, and that was pretty much it. A class ring in high school was out of the question, I wasn't even able to buy a yearbook the year I was supposed to graduate. But then again, I didn't have any school spirit and at the time I didn't want any of those things, anyway.

The "activity fees" they charge every year include the yearbook, at least. I should probably be grateful for that, because this is what I have wanted for my son. I wanted him to be in the same school from Kindergarten through 8th grade. I want for him to graduate high school with the same kids he has known all of his life. I want more for him than what I had, always being the new kid, never having many friends, and when I finally made friends, we moved away.

So I reached way above where we should be living, and I carved out a dream for my kid. And I pushed and I pushed until I made it his dream, too. And now I'm complaining about all of the silly stuff that goes along with it that I'm having a hard time affording. If you're reading along and nodding, "Silly Bitch", yes I deserve that. But I feel that my kid deserves so much more.

I feel my kid deserves the education that so many other people's kids are getting. I honestly feel all kids deserve this same education, but I haven't found a way to make it happen for anyone other than my son. Please believe me when I say I am doing everything I can to pay these bills even with the help that I'm getting. And I'm going to complain and bitch and moan about it for the next few years. Because that is what I do.

I got this post card in the mail the other day. I didn't think I had to worry about this anytime soon, my kid being a Freshman and all...

Right now, I'm worrying about winter protection being over for the electricity, the gas bill coming due, paying the rent on time, and spending money on a vacation we had no business taking. Why the hell do I have to worry about a class ring right now? The kid is a freshman. At what point does a freshman have to worry about a class ring?

I know the boy will maybe want to remember his high school. But what if his memories fade? He only had school spirit for the K-8 school the last month around graduation. Will he really remember his high school with so much fondness after he leaves and goes to college? My kid doesn't even wear jewelry. What the hell?

So I asked him (obviously biased), "J, do you even want a ring?" That has to be ordered out of no where in the next week with an $80.00 deposit?

His response, "Um, mom, they actually have a ring ceremony for the Sophomores. How am I not supposed to be a part of that?" Shit, I had forgotten, they not only have a full freakin' mass, they also have a dance that weekend for only the Sophomores called the Ring Dance.

I'm wondering how much the ring company kicks back to the school for this racket. I know, bitch, bitch, bitch...


Scope said...

I paid for my high school class ring. Still have it. Know exactly where it is. (lost my college ring after many many years of daily wear).

I bought the cheapest "Lustrium" metal (stainless steel) and think it looked better than the gold ones, I think.

Nicole said...

I never got one but my sister did. She helped pay for part of it. Tell your son you would like to give it to him but maybe he could help with part of it. Get the cheapest you can and then maybe later his senior year go all out for a really nice one.

Paige said...

That is stressful. I got my ring as a freshman on the idea that I would get more use out of it wearing it all through high school, rather than just senior year.

But I think I had to pay for it myself too.

Cora said...

Weird. I don't remember class rings being an issue until my senior year, and even then not many people bothered with them. This is bizarre - that is a LOT of money they seem to be forcing you to pay - and seriously, why so early? Sophomore year?! What about any kids that move away before graduation?! What about families that can't afford it - what does the school do then?

JoJo said...

Oh that's just crap, doing the class rings this early. Kids will grow out of them by their senior year for crying out loud. I got mine the end of my junior year. I never wore it after high school. But the Ring Mass/Dance/Extravaganza is really too much.

I was presented w/ the Balfour brochure and showed it to my parents who told me what they'd be willing to pay. Meaning, I'd better go on the cheap. Mine was $90, it's just silver w/ my name engraved on the inside and a cobalt blue stone which was my school colour.

~E said...

You are a great Mom Fancy! You definitely deserve an award for wanting the best for your son.

However, I do think getting class rings for high schoolers is kinda ridiculous. I didn't even get a ring when I graduated for college!