Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little Bunny Foo Foo

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at my desk when out of the corner of my eye I spotted what I thought was a bird hopping outside the entrance door. It was a rather large bird, so I gave it my full attention and discovered it was actually a baby bunny. Which is what I yelled as I grabbed my camera and headed out the door, "A Baby Bunny!". Of course, when I got out there, it had long ago hopped away, but I still searched under all the bushes out front trying in vain to find a picture.

While in the bushes, I realized I was looking right into a co-workers office. She in turn was staring out at me and when she had my attention, she made a shadow puppet rabbit ears with her hand, and gestured that it was hopping away. Little Bunny Foo Foo! I hadn't thought about Little Bunny Foo Foo in years!

(If you're not familiar with it, it's a rather violent little children's song that uses hand gestures to get the point across. It's similar in tone to The Itsy Bitsy Spider, but is more repetitive and has a moral. Until I looked it up this morning and found it on Wikipedia, I had no idea it was as well known as it is.)

I went back inside the office and said to my co-worker, "You know Little Bunny Foo Foo? I thought that was just one of those random things only my family knew." To which she replied, "I learned it in kindergarten". We looked at each other and started laughing, "Mrs. Capp!". We had already established quite a few years ago that we had the same kindergarten teacher at the same school, one year apart. The beautiful Mrs. Capp with the long blond hair that she always wore in a huge bun on top of her head. Who knew in 1975/1976 when she taught us that song that it would be a bonding moment for two grown women over 30 years later?


Candy's daily Dandy said...

Little Bunny Foo Foo was a favorite of my kids as babies. They especially loved the "bopping 'em on the head" part and would laugh with joy.

oh, good times. Thanks for reminding me.

Scope said...

It has been months since I've sung Little Bunny Foo Foo.



Hazwani said...

How sweet ;)

Shana said...

Marissa used to love that song when she was little. How sweet.

Shana said...

Marissa used to love that song when she was little. How sweet.

JoJo said...

Great, thanks for putting the song in my head. 'ppreciate that. lol

Raine said...

HAHA I bet Mrs. Capp had no idea the effect the song would have on your life!

And, yeah, now it is stuck in my head. Thanks.

JoJo said...

Little Bunny JoJo
Hoppin Thru the Forest
Scoopin up the Fancy Schmance
And boppin her on the head.


Andrea said...

Oh this is SO funny! My sister-in-law stills loves it when my family breaks into song with Little Bunny Foo Foo! I'll be singing that the rest of the afternoon! (my co-workers thank you)

mike said...

I bop bunnies on the head all the time, Foo Foo or not.

BeckEye said...

I don't remember Little Bunny Foo Foo. The only bunny song I remember was:

In a cabin in the woods
A little old man by the window stood
Saw a rabbit hopping by
Knocking at his door
"Help me, help me, sir," he said
"Or the hunter will shoot me dead"
"Come little rabbit, come with me"
"Happy we will always be"

And there was a bunch of hand gestures to go along with it. No, nothing dirty.

Prunella Jones said...

My brother and I used to change the lyrics to Little Bunny Poo Poo and then laugh ourselves silly. We were poop obsessed children.

Cora said...

Yep. We learned that song too! Back in the 70's. I remember coming home from Kindergarten and teaching it to my little sister.

My daughter says she's never heard it. Looks like they stopped teaching that one.

*feeling kinda old*

*shaking it off*

Stereos and Souffles said...

I just saw you on someones blog roll and saw the title of your post. Bizarro world because I just posted today on my blog and mentioned Little Bunny Foo Foo in it and I haven't thought of that since I was a kid and now I see it on your blog.

~E said...

I don't know Foo Foo! I went to kindergarten and elementary in a Catholic Boarding School in the Philippines!

Now I feel like such an outcast! :(

Chaka said...

It's funny what things you remember from your childhood. I haven't heard that song for a long time.

B.E. Earl said...

I love the punchline to the fable.

When little bunny foo foo wouldn't stop bopping the field mice in the head, the Good Fairy threatened to turn him into a goon. He didn't stop, so she did.

The moral of the story?

Hare today, goon tomorrow.