Thursday, December 11, 2008

Warning: boring post ahead. A.K.A. I'm going to miss you all

I'm always way behind on reading and commenting on your blogs. I follow a bunch of people because I really like reading what you have to say, but throw one little wrench in the cogs and I can't keep up. I often read at work, and then in the evening when I get home. There will be no more doing anything personal at work anytime soon.

I work in a small office and we all cover for each other on vacation or sick days, if we can. I'm cross trained to cover for both the accounts receivable and the Service department accounts payable ladies. I haven't had to do either in a very long time, but I have meticulous notes. Good damn thing.

Our Service department accounts payable lady took the first week of December off to go to Mexico. No one covered for her because she's a work horse and control freak and insisted she could get everything done when she got back. She came back Monday and started catching up, but Tuesday she came in with what appeared to be a painful stomach virus. She couldn't keep anything down, and they sent her home. Wednesday she was admitted to the hospital with an intestinal blockage and they performed emergency surgery on her this afternoon. I don't have an update on how she's doing, and I really hope she will be okay, I like her very much and don't like to see anyone in pain. I also seriously doubt she's coming back on Monday.

Whenever I have covered for a co-worker for a period of time in the past, they hired a temp to do at least part of my job. At this point, they still haven't hired a replacement for the HR girl they "laid-off" 2 months ago. The lady doing the payroll on top of her normal job technically only works part time, so I've been picking up as much slack of her work as I can.

People were running around panicking when they realized that Not One Person in the Service department knows how to do the billing.
It's December 11th and NO service billings have been entered yet for the month. Monthly contract invoices haven't been issued, we've already got a two week backlog on work tickets that can be billed, and on Monday it will be three weeks.

They are stupid fucks for not thinking ahead, like nothing could ever happen to her, but I've got notes. Granted I haven't done it in 2-1/2 years, even though I have brought it up on numerous occasions that I'm rusty and she should throw something my way every once in a while so I could brush up. But hey, let's give it a shot.

I gloated for a little while, not at the fact that my co-worker is sick - I'm not that twisted, but then I got down to work. It turns out she was already behind when she left, and hadn't yet sent out November's invoices. Again, nobody else even knew how to separate them to put them in the mail. I spent all afternoon sending out hundreds of invoices. You can bill all you want, but if the invoices don't go into the mail, customers don't send those checky-money things back to us.

We'll see what the next couple of weeks bring, but I'm thinking I'm going to get some overtime for Christmas. Which is in two weeks. And I haven't started my shopping or baking yet. So if you don't hear from me, I'm either drowning in work, or drowning in chocolate chips, or I'm in jail because I've killed my mother.

Call 911 on January first, k?


Gwen said...

Yipes. Thing is, I know you can do it. And maybe when Controlly McTrollerson gets back from sick leave, she'll lighten up.

That damn expat said...

Yeah Mexico will do that to you.
Good luck at work!
Ahahah my word verification is cougarific

~E said...

1) I hope you don't drown in paperwork. Papercuts suck

2) If you are drowning in cookies chocolate chips and or other baked goods, please give me a call and I will happily eat as much of that stuff as I possibly can.

3) If you kill your mom, Im good for bail money.

Greta said...

I hope you're drowning in chocolate chips Fancy! That's the best out of your options.

Memarie Lane said...

I just had to unsubscribe from some blogs myself because it was just getting too overwhelming. Ugh.

chaos37 said...

Good Golly Miss Molly! Don't worry you're in your glory under pressure, you can do it, and think of the extra OT money!! Yeah!

JoJo said...

Damn. Expat is right about Mexico; my former boss went there, ate some fish and ended up in a Mexican hospital, deathly ill.

You know what? Fuck the baking. You don't HAVE to do any of that. I used to feel obligated to be the ultimate Christmas Season Queen, but no more. Only do what you feel you CAN do or WANT to do. You have to take care of yourself and start preparing for the 10 days from hell w/ your mom.

Saffyrre said...

Oh my gosh can I feel you there 100%!! I do accounts payable for a truck leasing company and am also cross-trained in A/R as well as contract administration (fancy term for she-who-looks-over-legal-documents-and-polices-salesman-who-can't-do-their-paperwork-correctly). We've had several people quit this past year and only our service manager has been replaced (let me tell you that was fun to deal with during our fiscal year-end). It's really been difficult taking on extra work and then trying to cover for people who are sick while doing your own work on top of it! I just shuddered reading about all those invoices that haven't gone out. One lady that works in our billing refuses to go on vacation because she seems to think no one else can do her work for her. I sure hope that she doesn't suddenly turn up sick for a week!

Also, I understand about the baking. I don't know about you but it's not something I necessarily have to do but something I really enjoy doing at this time of the year. Just makes it feel that much more festive!

/comfort to you for work and the holidays! Hopefully you can get through everything okay!

LYDIA said...

Sounds like things are pretty crazy in your world! I have been a huge slacker blogger/commenter - still haven't caught up :) So hello!

BTW, I made turkey tetrazzini, my husband loved! He made it make it again two days later! Thanks so much for the recipe.

Whiskeymarie said...

I don't see myself having any serious "blog reading, writing and commenting" time until after christmas. This is why I don't subscribe to a reader- to alleviate the guilt.

Try it, it's amazing.

I hate your work too- would you like me to call in sick for you? I'll tell them you're having a nasty herpes flare-up. No one is gonna question THAT one, trust me.