Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Real quick

I'm losing my mind at work, trying to get everything done. I have literally 3 billable days left before we close for not only the month but also the year. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please see the last few posts. I don't even have time to link to them.

I feel like I am losing my mind, trying to compensate my personal life and my work life to make them mesh into something coherent. I wake up in the middle of the night, and if my son's school has a delayed opening then I can fold clothes until I can go to work at 6:45 and then leave to bring the boy to school at 8:30.

Now, at least, the boy is out of school until after the new year, so I can go to work extra early tomorrow, Christmas Eve. All that really means to me is another day that I can bill out work tickets.

Keep in mind that I am saving the whole Service Department's butts by processing this billing in the first place. They are the one's who didn't make certain someone could cover the lady who does the billing... By the way, she's doing much better, thank goodness.

So, Tuesday afternoon, Fancy is busting ass all day trying to do not only her job, but the billing lady's job, also. Fancy has only had time to train the temp to cover the phones and a few other things. Fancy is still issuing purchase orders and getting
interrupted every 30 seconds, while trying to bill.

I had to leave early, my sister needed to get to a doctor's appointment. As I was leaving, I threw a folder on the Service Manager's desk of billings he needed to approve so I could post them. He said, "Wait, I have something for you". My direct supervisor had given me a very generous gift card to local restuarant earlier in the day. I don't know why I assumed that the Service Manager, who's ASS I was saving by doing the Service Billings would have given me an equally generous gift...

The service manager pulls out of his bag...a chocolate covered apple, decorated by either his wife or one of his daughters, he doesn't really know.... Um, thanks? I was kind of hoping for a raise or something, but I guess a chocolate covered apple should do it.

While I was telling my son this story, telling him that he is welcome to eat the stupid apple, I made sure to make fun of myself, also. I called out, "Bitter, party of one."

He looked me straight in the eye, and said, "Mom, that's a party of three."

I thought he was being sympathetic until he revealed the three are "Bitter, Bitchy, and PMS".

Um, thanks, baby, for getting my back?


Gwen said...

The chocolate apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?

Sorry. I had to take the obvious potshot. If I didn't, people would think I was ill.

I'm sorry it's so crazy and that one guy is a complete douchebag. I get off at noon tomorrow. Can I come help?

Angie said...

Why would you expect something extra from the Service Manager? The man sounds like an idiot. He can't even keep his staff in order. I'm so sorry you have to do all this. They owe you BIG TIME. Just take really deep breaths until it's all over! :)

That damn expat said...

That's not bitter, bitchy or pms. An apple is an assholish gift and he knows it!
I hope you get some well deserved rest after all this is done.

Dr Zibbs said...

Have a great one Fancy. And I hereby dedicate the post I just wrote to you.

chaos37 said...

Oh Fantz!!! Sorry I had to laugh at what Boy said, he's so damn cute I just love that kid.

Sorry you've got it so rough at work, they obviously don't appreciate the Wonder Woman that you are. I'm really proud of you. Sometimes good deeds DO get rewarded!! Love you!

Saffyrre said...

Wow. I'm amazed that the apple wasn't rotten! What a nice "gesture". Is it just me or are all Service Managers the same? I deal with a lot of them in my line of work and almost all of them are words I cannot say and they don't ever seem to appreciate their staff. If there is a good one out there and I'm too generalizing, sorry I just haven't met you yet!

You are fabulous, my dear! Your company really does owe you although who knows if they will ever realize that or not! Sucks that you have to work on Christmas Eve, I hope you're able to rest on the little bit of time you'll have off before month-end.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas!

JoJo said...

LOL Gwen!!!!! GOOD ONE! :D

You shoulda said, "sorry but my mommy always told me not to accept apples in case there's a razor blade in it." ROTFLMAO I suppose the guy meant well...but still. That's pretty chintzy.

~E said...

Bitter Bitchy and PMS??? HAHAHAHAHA

Vodka Mom said...


Merry CHristmas, Fancy!!!!

mike said...

That's pretty funny. When life gives you apples, throw them at someone that pisses you off. Or something like that. Happy Holidays!