Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas ornaments

MelO sent me something the other day that was like a Christmas themed Meme, email version. I don't want to bore you with all the specifics, but a portion of it caught my interest. It asked if I did the every year ornament collecting thing, which I don't. But I did it for my son when he was born.

I started buying a special ornament every year from the year that he was born up until he was 10 or 11. I tried to make the ornament special or specific to what he was really interested in that year. It went from Pooh Bear to Scoobie Doo to Star Wars, and everything in between. I stopped around 10 or 11 because there are only so many computer ornaments you can buy, and they aren't really varied - there aren't many geared toward the gaming community.

As my son and I were decorating the tree this past weekend, he proudly looked at it the whole thing and said, "All this will be mine in four years...". I had always told him the ornaments that I bought for him would be his when he grows up, maybe 18, maybe 21, who knows. But "all this"? Probably not.

I reminded him that I expect him to be in college in 4 years. If he wants to, he can take the fiber optic tree that Nana left behind for him when she moved to Florida.

Even when he's 21, he's probably going to be living with a bunch of guys who's idea of decorating a tree is throwing empty beer cans at it. Believe me, I've seen that. And you probably have, too.

I realized that while I had specifically been collecting ornaments just for him, I was also collecting them for myself. Almost every school year either he or someone close to him had made an ornament with his picture, or he and I had made an ornament together, or I had a picture of him that I made into an ornament for myself. In the meantime, my collection was growing with other sentimental gifts, an ornament from my Grandparent's tree, a fishing lure of my brother's, a handmade gift from family and friends, or an antique bobble that someone thought I would love. And I do. I love them all.

So, I suggested that maybe he can have his special ornaments when he gets married or something.

The rest, he's going to have to wait for until I die...

Every year I look forward to taking out these decorations for a tree, and find myself reliving some of the happiest times of my life. I think that is what the "holidays" are all about. Finding Joy wherever you can get it.


That damn expat said...

Holy crap! I was reading the third paragraph and caught sight of the picture with the corner of my eye and thought it was some Christmassy Yetti-like monster! The huge white ornament looks like a hand, and goes great with the head!

As for the ornaments - just keep them! They still mean more to you than to him, and keep them until that changes.

~E said...

we never really got into the special ornament thing in my family...we mostly have the "artsy fartsy designer" ornaments that my mom flips out over if one breaks (not that she's crazy or anything, I love her, she's just kinda obsessive compulsive...which is probably where I get it from)

but I digress..

my point was, it's a tradition I'd like to start when I have a family of my own

Dr Zibbs said...

I like that big ole doll on top

Aunt Becky said...

We do that same thing for the kids. Although, it's really for us. But hey, I'm totally gonna start doing it for Alex, too. Awesome. Awesome.

JoJo said...

My mom and dad presented me with a new, unique ornament each year from the year I was born (1964) till the last year I lived in MA (1988). They are precious and special and priceless to me. We won't be putting up a tree and those ornaments till our sweet German shepherd, Sagan, calms down more. He's over 3 but still jumps around enthusiastically like a puppy. We call him "Crash Craddock". lol

I'd rather skip having a tree than risk something getting broken.

Gwen said...

Every year my current step-dad gets me the new Swarovski crystal snowflake ornament. I love those but the sentimental ones are the most precious.