Monday, November 24, 2008

Cold, or just old?

My internal thermostat usually runs pretty high. At the first sign of heat and humidity, sweat starts pouring off me at an alarming rate. I'm not joking, I don't even wear makeup in the summer because as soon as I put it on I start sweating it right off.

In the winter, I almost never turn the tstat above 62deg and I'm usually still running around in a tee-shirt. That was the way we grew up, conserving money. If you were cold, you needed to go bundle up. Christmas presents were almost always warm bathrobes or those blankets that you zipped and snapped around you (I believe mine may have been Holly Hobby), with the occasional electric blanket thrown in.

So imagine my surprise this year when the cold snap hit and I can't get warm, no matter I do. Granted, it is colder than normal for this time of year, so maybe I just haven't had time to adjust, but I think it's deeper than that. I right now have the tstat set to 64deg, I have on socks, slippers, sweat pants, a long sleeve tee under a sweatshirt, and a velor robe protecting me from my leather and metal chair. And I'm still freezing.

I don't remember ever feeling the cold like this before. Oh, I felt it in different ways. My hands don't work as well in the winter thanks to carpal tunnel and arthritis. My hips and knees hurt a lot, especially on the stairs - but as my doctor pointed out to me a few years ago, those are Weight-Bearing joints. Yeah, fuck you very much, Doc. Helpful. I've got a new doctor now - ha!

So what is it? It's not just at home, I feel it at work, also. Is it age? I'm not technically that old, but I feel like I'm 70. Do I need to get a rocking chair and a fire place and take up crocheting? Do I need to start planning my retirement to a warmer climate?

Next thing you know, I'll be complaining about those youngsters and their loud music, while shaking my cane at them hollering, "Get off my lawn, you hoodlums!".


Dr Zibbs said...

I'm kind of like you with the temp thing except for the sweating part. Also, I'm not going through menapause like you obviously are now. I'll send you a pamphlet.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Zibbs, how about just sending that shitty prize you promised? I swear that if my shitty prize is a pamphlet on early onset menopause, you are in so much trouble, mister.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I feel your pain. Are we old? I think that the backaches and knee pains and random aches and pains I experience daily remind me that I am closer to the "sage age" than I would like to believe.
I also get cold all the time-even in the summer.

Memarie Lane said...

i used to be really cold all the time, probably because i grew up in a very hot desert. but now it takes a lot to get me cold whereas brad wants to light a fire when the temp outside drops below 60. and he's 5 years older than me. :D

~E said...

You know what?? Consider yourself lucky for all those years of warmness. Im super serial! Im 26 years old and my house has to be at a constant 74 degrees or I get so flipping cold I cant barely function. Plus I can wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants in the middle of summer and be completely fine. Im dreading my golden years...Im thinking of investing in fleece and wool now for the future.

Gwen said...

In my twenties I wore shorts all year round. Now? I take a hot bath 3 times a week in the winter just to keep warm.

Go to Walgreens and get a box of lavender epsom salts. When you get chilled to the bone, fill the tub with hot water and 1 c. of the salts. I promise you'll be warm the rest of the night. And smell good, too!

Fancy Schmancy said...

Great idea, Gwen, I have a claw foot tub that I've never used for anything more than a shower.

LYDIA said...

At work, we have battles about the temperature. Yesterday, it was 77 degrees in the office!!!

77 degrees!

I was dying! When it gets too hot, I get headaches and I am an irritable bitch. My house doesn't go above 70. I want to kick people here because they can put on a sweater if they are cold, or bring an f'ing blanket. But no, I am basically wearing tank tops in the middle of winter because of them! I hate them.

Wow, ok. Sorry, I just feel strongly about this topic.

Aunt Becky said...

Have you gotten your thyroid tested? I know when I'm hypothyroid, I have a terrible time getting warm. It's like being bone-chilled all day long without being able to ever get warm. It's terrible.

JoJo said...

Hey I have a few years on ya, you whippersnapper you. lol I'm like you, always running a nuclear core in meltdown mode. Grew up in an old, drafty house and my bedroom had no insulation. I got used to the cold, but not the sweltering summer. I LOVE living in WA b/c it's so cold.

As for your knees and hips hurting, so do ours. That's from years of dancing to the Dead on concrete. :P

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