Saturday, April 3, 2010

Of carrot cheesecake and disappointments

Last weekend I posted on seeing the outside of a really cool building called Wild Bill's. We went today and the inside was horribly disappointing in comparison. It was basically a dark and dirty collector's paradise, and I've stopped collecting things. I expected many more strange and unusual things, but they were few and far between all the old posters and lunch boxes and bumper stickers. I was also kind of disgusted that a self-proclaimed old hippie had so many real fox and raccoon tails for sale. This was the best thing inside, and it was pretty dismal, although I give credit for anyone that can make a robot out of old bear traps.

The bright side of this is that I got some great pictures of my son groping the statue of Marilyn Monroe outside. Those I can't show you, but I can show you a picture of the world's largest Jack-in-a-box. See if this clown head doesn't give you nightmares.

After we got home, I proceeded to not follow a recipe for carrot cheesecake very well. Actually, I followed it fine, but my spring-form pan was dented so I put it in a small rectangular pan. Big mistake, I didn't know it was going to rise and I should have used the much bigger pan. This is how it turned out.

My son came downstairs and asked, "what is THAT?". When I told him it was dessert for Easter, he asked, innocently, "do you think the frosting will cover your shame?". Hmmm, I don't know about that but I do know two things that might make me feel better.

1. Eating all the candy I bought for his Easter basket

2. Posting his Marilyn Monroe groping pictures on Facebook

He may no longer be friends with me on Facebook, but some of his friends still are. Mwahahahaha.


Anonymous said...

Haha, that kid is a WISE ASS! :)

But that ...whatever it is...still looks damn tasty. Cheesecake. Yup.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Yeah, Veggie, I don't know where he gets it from...

And we are DEFINITELY still eating it, I just scraped all the hard stuff off the top!

Char said...

hahaha...sounds like something I'd do. Except for bread, I am not a baker.

Dominica said...

Typical kids, right ?
You put all your effort and love in it and you get THAT to 'thank you' ...
Come on, Nance, let us see those groping pics !!
Quick !

Some Guy said...

Your son's comment cracked me up!

You should still eat all his candy anyway, though.

JoJo said...

LMAO!!!!! Seems your son is a chip off the ol' block, eh? hahahaha I loved the groping pics on FB. You should've thrown a frying pan at him after his crack about your cake. hahahaha

As to that clownhead...yes, just a bit weird. Sort of like "Vlad the Impaler Meets McDonaldland".

Candy's daily Dandy said...

HAHAA! Yes revenge is quite sweet isn't it!!!

I bet the cheesecake tasted divine...I't the effort that counts, sprinkled with a little bit of love.

"Now shut the hell up and eat it."
That's what I'd say. hee hee

Vodka Mom said...

that cake CRACKS ME UP!!

And I can't wait for day 100. Neither can my family. #iamacrabbyladyrightnow.

Scope said...

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I left you an award over at SCOPE-TECH.

(Trying to lure you back...)